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With Moving Stars® Academy’s training events, you will get exclusive access into the mind of a 32-year  seasoned professional REALTOR®. With Demetria Walker as your coach and mentor, you will learn a proven framework and insider secrets on how to turn your license into a livelihood. When you join us for a live webinar, you will receive a top-notch education based on real-world that goes far beyond the lessons taught in real estate school.

Each of our events is designed to help you master the skills needed to outperform in any market, under any circumstance, and regardless of any Broker with whom you are affiliated.

Demetria will show you step by step exactly how to set yourself apart from the competition and become a top performer in your market.

Learn more about our upcoming virtual offerings below.


Learn the fundamentals of building a solid foundation for your real-estate business. 

Includes a 2½ hour virtual workshop and access to an exclusive student library with assessments, worksheets, and assignments to turn what you’ve learned into action.



Build upon the foundation you built in the CAREER KICK-OFF and further differentiate yourself from other agents. Learn to evaluate real estate sales and business intelligence data by analyzing current trends, transforming your business strategy from being reactive to proactive.

Coming Soon.


(Business of Making Billions) 

Take everything you’ve learned in the CAREER KICK-OFF and BLAST-OFF WORKSHOPS and apply them in an onsite real estate simulation. THE BOMP BOOTCAMP places you in realistic role-play assignments where you can test your new knowledge and skills in a failing-forward environment.

Coming Soon.

"Even though I had my license for 4-years before being coached by Ms D, I really learned the importance of paying attention to details, being thorough with my paperwork, and understanding my clients ‘wants & needs’ better with her tutelage. She inspired me to get focused—and stay focused-- on my business even when I was bumping into roadblocks. More than anything else, she taught me ways to get transactions and ways I can cross the finish line more frequently!"

Donald Craft
Realtor® Licensed since 2015

"I worked with Demetria in the same brokerage firm prior to attending her class. And, even then, admired her business savvy of working with top-tier personas in the city. But, after hearing her teach, I was impressed with her realistic communication style…and willingness to openly divulge straight-forward authentic approaches that improved my (2-years old) real estate business tremendously! I anxiously await attending more of her training courses so I can get even better!"

Shavaun Baptiste
Realtor® Licensed since 2016

"When I was leasing first and then eventually bought my dream home, Demetria made sure everything was laid out for me to simplify the process and it was extremely smooth. She was such a pro that I encouraged my fiancé Kaitlin to take a real estate class from her since she contemplated becoming a Realtor®. A great woman to know and learn from! "

Isaiah Canaan
NBA Pro Athlete, Repeat Client

"When recently moving to Houston by way of a referral, I was extremely pleased to have Demetria Walker involved. Primarily due to a devastating event with a lender saying one thing—yet dropping the ball at the 11th hour. It’s tumultuous events like I had that exposes real estate skills from real estate sales which salvages your dream from becoming a nightmare! When attending Demetria’s training, I love how she cuts-to-the-chase by stressing the importance of “knowing the basics” and maneuvering through mess, yet keeping her clients calm & informed like a pro-problem-solver. I’m studying to become a real estate investor and using her stuff to make me some money."

Shay W.
Retired Army Sargent, Real Estate Investor

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