Figuring out how to go from license to livelihood is simple, but it's not easy. Learn how to find, connect with, and close new clients consistently, so that you can launch your real-estate career into the stratosphere.




Your Comprehensive Guide to Start Building Your ‘Book-Of-Business’ (Along With Your Bank Account)

Need a roadmap to grow your business?

Eager to take action but have no idea where to start?

Want a six-figure revenue-stream of clients who are loyal to YOU (not your Broker)?

Ready to hit the ground running and blast through career-limiting mindsets?

Here is the solution. 

With MOVING STARS® ACADEMY’S CAREER KICK-OFF, you can discover how to leverage income-generating strategies that place you on the road to prosperity! 

You don’t have to start from scratch to prosper.

THE CAREER KICK-OFF will teach you how to turn fundamental real estate academics into actual income-earning activities (even while working in this uncertain climate).


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YAY, You Passed! What’s Next?  

Do You Know How To Be Productive? 

Learn first-hand the survival skills you need to become a Portable Professional™  that is not broker or franchise-branding dependent.

With Moving Stars® Academy’s CAREER KICKOFF you’ll gain impactful insights on ‘tried-and-tested’ techniques that Demetria has gleaned from decades of deals, data, and strategies—both painful and prosperous. After all, hindsight is 20-20; and insight is priceless!

At the end of the day, a money-making career begins with the confidence of knowing that the intellectual property you’ve gained is both relevant and valuable. Then, you must understand how to leverage your expertise in exchange for a commission.

Above all, you need to know to avoid being overworked, how to avoid being underpaid, and how to avoid letting prospects and deals slip through your fingers! 

Moving Stars® Academy Is Distinctively Different! 

WHY? Because MSA was founded by an industry insider who has risen through the ranks from the trenches to triumph! These workshops are based on real-talk about real-life transactional interactions. And now, Demetria is ready to share the secrets to her long-term success directly with you!! 

After years (and tears) of searching for “The Way” to bounce back from disappointment, successfully maneuver through any real estate trend or cycle, and learn to thrive in the process, Demetria has become the coach and mentor she never had.   

Throughout her career, Demetria invested extensive time, energy, and resources searching for programs to bridge learning gaps and teach new agents real estate fundamentals. When she repeatedly came up short on her search, she knew it was time to step into the role of coach and mentor. Now, she is ready to teach you how to confidently turn your license into a rewarding living! 

Moving Stars Academy training sessions are designed to teach you how to become a productive paid professional…. primarily working on a repeat & referral basis. 

Even if you've never made a sale before…or have already selected a Broker, you’ll still benefit from this workshop. Demetria is passing the baton to the next generation of serious real estate experts. The future paid professionals!

Don’t Drown in Self Doubt!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels in Confusion!

It’s Time to Level Up! 

Learn from a local legend with 32years of real-world experience. Many get into this business. Few learn to thrive in it!
Not only has Demetria Walker withstood the test of time and is still thriving, but now she is sharing her proven systems and strategies with you.
Why start from scratch when you can stand on the shoulders of giants?  Experience Matters! 

Many years ago when Demetria’s sales were suffering, she recognized that at the end of the day her success was ultimately her responsibility. She recognized the self-limiting and unproductive thought processes that were holding her back, and did the hard work to elevate her thinking and raise her standards.  As a direct result of these experiences, Demetria developed her innovative Portable ProfessionalTM  mindset, which resulted in her building her own ‘book of business’-- from SCRATCH!   

Operating as a solo agent, and driven not only to survive but thrive, Demetria has become a no nonsense trailblazer! And she has consistently exceeded expectations of clients, students, and colleagues for over three decades. 

She is well qualified and ready to pass her baton so that you can boost your business quicker, set your goals higher, and realize your dreams faster.

The CAREER KICKOFF is part of a larger systematized blueprint developed from 32+ years of Demetria’s hindsight, insight, and foresight. And with her as your mentor and coach, you can become a top producer too! 

Moving Stars® Academy’s training sessions are built on real world experiences, not hypothetical situations. The CAREER KICKOFF is specifically designed to teach foundational principles to enable you to jump start your career, and then turn that momentum into your livelihood.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an award-winning top producer.

Learn how Demetria built her business from the ground up and became an award-winning top producer! Space is limited.

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You began a real estate career to make money, not to lose it, your time, or your soul in the process. Don’t let your real estate dream turn into a nightmare that leaves you broke and exhausted!

Come Learn What it Really Takes To Launch….And To Last ! 

Registration opens soon for the CAREER KICKOFF

  • Powerfully position yourself in an overcrowded industry even among 43k HAR Realtor members (alone)
  • Create functioning database strategies to build a repeat and referral based (sphere of influence) business, making you a portable professional.
  • Talk “shop” like a real estate pro to build industry credibility and communicate confidently
  • Master the Thou Shalt "NOTs"! Mistakes that cause untrained agents to GO BROKE
  • Arrange and manage your week systematically like a business to eliminate working in a tizzy
  • Choose a Broker and Brokerage that works best for you

 …and more.

Dump The Stress! Don’t pay the price of running your business while circling in confusion! It’s too time-consuming. And too expensive!

  • Gathering information yet failing to take action
  • Jumping from Broker-to-Broker for lead handouts
  • Inconsistent prospecting and failing to follow-up
  • Going into debt running ads or buying leads.
  • Discounting your worth by cutting your commission 
  • Operating as a hobbyist without essential proficiency
  • Operating in “busyness” rather than as a business
  • Placing your financial interest above that of the client
  • Being overwhelmed with an overstuffed schedule



  • People who think their success is solely on getting more leads. Success in this business goes way beyond that.
  • People who think they can do everything for themselves—by themselves.
  • People who are stuck in “information gathering” mode and are not prepared to implement activities to achieve results.
  • People who make excuses instead of making decisions.
  • People who are not serious about growing their business acumen.  
  • People who believe “winging it” is a worthwhile strategy.
  • People who fail to follow up and/or follow-through. Success in this industry takes perser(darn)verence! 


Leads, whether given to you or purchased, are NOT the most essential element of a successful real estate agent’s business. And outdated ‘means & methods’ to capture potential clients like cold calling and door knocking are guaranteed to waste your time and leave you emotionally exhausted in the process.

What you really NEED is a system that teaches you how to create repeatable, reliable revenue.

And now that COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the real estate industry,  Agents are under more pressure than ever to find novel approaches to time worn problems.

When the world is chaotic and turned upside down it's hard to know where to focus. Moving Stars Academy will show you how to invest your time and energy in the midst of this crisis to help your business thrive.

You're just one click away from accessing the exclusive, insider track to learn how to completely transform your business from the ground up. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Your registration purchase gives you access to the course library as well as the live webinar.

The Moving Stars® Academy training approach provides step by step guidance on building the foundational pieces of your real estate business, as well as several tools and strategies which many other agent training courses overlook. We will teach you how to build your business from the ground up beginning with building your brand. However, you alone hold the key to your own success. We will provide you with strategies, tools, and techniques to launch a stellar real estate career, but the results you get will be a function of how well you put into practice what you learn.

One of the biggest mistakes many new agents make is to jump from one program to another looking for quick fixes and easy money.  In our experience, slow and steady wins the race. Generally, it takes time and consistent effort to build a sustainable career in real estate. But if you do the work, you will see the results!

If you have yet to brand your business, don't have repeatable processes or systems in place to best serve your clientele, or don't have a consistent income-producing stream of activities, then this is for you. 

Many widely-known real estate coaches and trainers have never actually worked in real estate sales. Or they may be national speakers or teachers who are unfamiliar with Texas local trends and nuances. Their primary goal is to sell you their “stuff”. That’s not the case for Moving Stars® Academy’s founder and your instructor, Demetria Walker. 

 Demetria’s expertise was not built on theoretical or hypothetical textbook knowledge, but rather real-world experiences over her thirty-year career. From real estate famine to real estate feasting, she’s seen it all. Now, she will be sharing all of her insider knowledge with you candidly and truthfully. Demetria created connections to climb upward. Her success has been earned in the trenches—while operating single-handedly. In short, she’s (really) been there-done that! And she’s prepared to teach you exactly how she did it. Let Demetria teach you how to get paid for what you know—not just necessarily for what you do.


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